Dan Moore

I created a visual experience for the LA based Liars for their #Mess tour using VIDVOX's Interactive Shader Format and an Alembic file renderer written in openFrameworks.

All content was mixed live with VDMX.

*photos sourced from Instagram*
some were taken by me #ThruGlass

My ISF folder

"Very loud and very high-energy, the big combination rock/dance drumming barely let up from start to finish. Opening with the dance-oriented material off their new album Mess, like the weird electronica of “Mask Maker” (set to visuals of an oversized, leering old man with spinning eyeballs) the tone was set for an intensely oddball show.

Bounding on stage in the opening song like a crazed scarecrow, thanks to his multi-coloured, full-head knitted beanie, front man (and ex-Sydneysider) Angus Andrew was the source of the band’s fire. Aided by jittery and eclectic, candy coloured visuals and a wall of drums and angular synths Angus threatened to burst the concrete hall in a sinister mess of noise and colour. Even crowd favourites like “No.1 Against The Rush”, which in a Liars set is something of a melodic break, broke down into one of the most intense outros I’ve seen.

Indeed the trio maintained their intensity the whole way through until by the final song, a chaotic, cathartic ritual, Angus, framed by spinning rainbow wormholes, stood like a high priest cleansing us with noise. As if to accentuate the aggressive fervour of it all a punter sitting near us was forcibly ejected by bouncers (not without a struggle) and frog marched out."

from The AU Review